Area : 4,50,000 Sq. Ft. / 38 Acres
Location : Coimbatore, India
Status : Completed
Project team : Dinesh Perumal, Kartik Surya

A 4,50,000 Sq. Ft. project at Annur dedicated to the well being of the elderly. The Idea of the assisted living was to bring the elderly together in a way that their physical as well as social well being is taken care of. Detailed analysis of lifestyles of the elderly society, their hardships and the challenges they faced, were undertaken. The design approach was to have a single storied independent living units connected through walkways, semi open areas, landscaped areas which maximize interaction. The idea was to maximize the feeling of community and neighborhood , between the like minded couples living at the facility. Meditation spaces, recreational spaces and dedicated medical facilities were integrated in the overall development. Other proposals include, a specialized Ayurveda center and a organic farm in the same development.