Area : 10,000 Sq. Ft
Location : Waynad, India
Status : Ongoing
Project team : Ekta Chopra, Kartik Surya

Set amidst the scenic hills of Wayanad, this four bedroom get-away home is sited atop one such hill, offering expansive views to the lush green terrain below and around it. The approach to the design revolved around the clients requirement for a contemporary retreat and the primary need for solitude. The intent to blur the boundaries between the built and the natural spaces was fulfilled by bringing in the landscape into the midst of the house, splitting the residence from the inside. Large extended overhangs, enveloped in wood and evocative of the surrounding context, extend above the structure, protecting the house and its inhabitants from the local monsoons and the searing heat. The wooden hued roof flows into the spaces inside, which are positioned along the natural terrain of the site. Muted and subtle tones line the spaces from the inside, allowing the earthy context to permeate the house. This simplicity accentuates the effect of the surrounding nature, that is at once, strong yet placid and peaceful.