Area : 3,00,000 sq.ft.
Location : Kochi, India
Status : Ongoing
Project team : Kartik Surya, Imad Adhnan, Sourabh Nair, Venugopal CK

A 7.5 acre integrated campus in the outskirts of Kochi, the school comprises of academic blocks for classes from Kindergarten to Class 12, accommodation facilities for the students and the staff, a state of the art sports complex, an open air theatre and a performing arts center containing two theatres. The design attempts to annihilate the intimidating look of tall structures by maintaining a lower height for all the blocks, keeping the campus kid-centric. The challenge was to infuse all these low-rise blocks into the site, retaining its natural slope. Multiple courtyards and plazas link these blocks and these transitional spaces form the crux of the campus. Laterite stone, an indigenous material has been substantially used throughout the campus.