Area : 8,00,000 Sq. Ft.
Location : Trivandrum, Kerala
Status : Ongoing
Project team : Vivek, Anvi Khare, Kartik Surya, Imad Adhnan, Sara Mathew, Sharon Mathai,

A 600 bed Quaternary Care Hospital located on a relatively flat topography with a hillock on the southern side, with various Centers of Excellence of state of the art infrastructure, quality & technology which contributes to the well-being of patient and staff and create a pleasant environment to increase efficiency & quality of work utilizing the maximum site potential. The concept adopted is to create a Mall-like experience with a large central waiting space and atrium overlooking it as a sky-lit atrium and, in place of various shopping outlets, each Center of Excellence. The planning within each COE is also sequentially done reducing waiting times and traffic near the consult rooms. This format also allows flexibility for any COE that requires expansion as sharing of facilities can be done easily.