Area : 8000 Sq Ft
Location : Manama, Bahrain
Status : Completed
Project team :

A fine dining restaurant and tea lounge housed in a former villa. Three palm trees, wearing the harshness of the desert on their wrinkled skin graced one side of the villa. Courtyards grew around them and spaces flowed outward. Pools of water around and below them drag the stark sky down, trapping it in their still depths. The building itself white minimal lines with timber accents, large windows that let in the outdoors. The undulating patterns on the trunk of the palm trees evolved in to a design for the pergolas.

Wood Pergolas with delicate laser cut infill extend from the outside to the inside, seemingly enticing the sun in, creating an interplay of light and shadows that change with the passing of day.

Black limestone floor, solid oak furniture set against a bright ochre backdrop recreate an old world charm that is both warm and welcoming.