Area : 1,90,000 sq. ft
Location : Cayman Islands
Status : Ongoing
Project team : Kartik Surya, Imad Adhnan, Sruthi Senthil

Located in the Cayman Islands, the building carves a distinct contemporary identity for itself with its massing and minimal use of materials. The facility is planned taking into account an immediate requirement of 160 beds and a future expansion of 140 beds. Abundant natural light and spatial connections provide transparency and lines of sight from the building to the exterior.

The design introduces a centralized landscape area greening into the building. It runs parallel to the hospital out patient department and diagnostics. The green platform is adopted to maximize the enjoyment of the waiting space on each floor . Another interesting addition to the building which contributes to its character is the man-made lake into which the OPD wings protrude.

The double height, curved glazed panels in the main lobby provides the visitors a relaxing waiting experience. Functional flow inside the hospital has been strategically arranged to ensure an efficient flow within the structure. Work-intensive areas such as emergency department, and goods delivery are located away from the main hospital entry, while patient beds, rehabilitation areas, and out patient department face the surrounding lake and landscape. The dedicated VIP/ International patient lobbies and rooms intend to provide a premium experience . Large windows on upper floors intend to enhance patient experience by providing excellent ocean views.