Area : 80,000
Location : Bahrain
Status : Ongoing
Project team : Kartik Surya, Prashanth Nagabhushan, Sruthi Vijay

This large multi speciality hospital is situated at the heart of Bahrain, and is intended to cater to a wide spectrum of people. The facility comprises a total built up area of 80,000 sq.ft  housing a wide array of departments.

The design focused on creating invigorating public areas within the hospital through the use of a vibrant material palette. Way finding was also a critical aspect driving the design, and the various zones of the hospital was designed to aid the visitor in orientating themselves within the facility. A warm material palette was preferred in the patient rooms to create a serene and calm ambience to aid in recovery.

The comfort of the visitor and the operational needs of the staff drove all aspects of the design thus ensuring an efficient facility.