Area : 1,95,000 Sq. Ft.
Location : Calicut, Kerala, India
Status : Ongoing
Project team : Kartik Surya, Vivek Sreeni, Sooraj

A 100 bed project dedicated for Women, birthing Center, IVF and Wellness facilities along with patient relative accommodation on the existing campus of Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences in Calicut, Kerala. Due to land availabilty constraints, the challenge was to integrate three levels of parking with separate entries and exits, along with the functional program, and yet create distinct identities for each facilty as well as access bridges from the main hospital to make the extension function effectively. One of the key requirements from the client was to have a brand new look for the new building. Use of traditional clay brick jali's to wrap around the parking levels give the base of the building a fluid quality and its flowing lines soften the rigour of the parking structure. The lights of cars in the various levels create a dynamic play of shadows across the facade.