Area : 6,50,000 Sq. Ft.
Location : Kochi, India
Status : Completed
Project team : Srujan Kumar, Vyas Kalathil, Vivek Sreeni

Built in the heart of ‘God’s Own Country’, Kochi, Aster Medcity, is an integrated medical township,spread over 38 acres. Set along the banks of the Periyar River, the site boasts a kilometer long waterfront which creates an intrinsically soothing setting. Facing these serene waters, is the first phase of the hospital. Spread over 650 thousand square feet, it has 575 beds over six floors in three towers. The design of the hospital strives to create an inviting, warm and hospitable environment in a contemporary setting.

The serene waters of the Periyar river inspired the treatment of spaces inside.The palette of colors drawing from the skies and sandy beaches of kerala, and the essential simplicity of the kerala culture reinforces the clean contemporary lines of the spaces. The interiors with light wood and pastel accents attempt to create a sense of balance and calm, helping to create a non threatening, comfortable atmosphere. The main lobby with it's flowing curves and simple shapes has a sense of repose. The boat like elements in the ceiling engages back to the fact that the hospital is located in the backwaters of cochin.In the depths of the hospital where no natural light was possible, a tunnel is created which has a long artificial skylight that tries to mimic natural light. The treatment of the subsidiary lobbies is again unpretentious and straightforward, allowing the scale and the location to have an impact. The integrity and consistency of the design, the lack of ornamentation or pretense that is evident as ones moves through the hospital, allows patients and visitors to project these design values on to the institution as a whole.

HKS Inc. conceptualized the Building Design and Master plan for the hospital. Further development and Planning was done jointly by HKS and Nalapat Architects. Interior design was done by Arun Nalapat Architects.