Area : 10,000
Location : Bahrain
Status : Ongoing
Project team : Kartik Surya, Noel Johnson, Sharon Mathai, Venugopal CK, Swetha Suresh, Omkar

Intended as a boutique clinic catering to the wealthy expatriate demographic residing nearby, this 10,000 sft facility is housed within an upcoming mall in Bahrain.

The facility comprises primarily of consultation rooms, selected diagnostic facilities and a physiotherapy wing. The consultation houses practitioners of General Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Dental and Dermatology. Three Laser Procedure rooms for dermatology are also accommodated within the clinic.

The design seeks to redefine the aesthetics of the boutique health clinic and emphasizes a minimalist approach laying prominence to evocative textures and subtle tones. The muted palette is brought to life through the temporal variation of light and the integration of natural elements like wood, stone and water. The careful articulation of spaces clubbed with the rustic materiality creates an intimate and homely setting for the clinic.