Area : 4 acres
Location : SEEB, Oman
Status : Ongoing
Project team : Kartik Surya, Swetha Suresh, Noel Johnson, Venugopal CK

Located in the second largest city of Oman, this upcoming project aims at establishing itself as a prime healthcare service provider in Oman. The facilities accommodated include a 70 bed Multi Speciality Hospital, a 100 bed Post Acute care and Rehabilitation Centre, a standalone Oncology Centre, a 300 student Nursing and Para Medical College with Conference facilities and a Simulation Lab, Student Dorms and Residential Apartments for the Doctors.

The design aimed at creating a physical identity for the project to establish a brand presence in the urbanscape, while ensuring efficient operational flows between the various functions. Green zones serve as lung spaces between the buildings and enhance the user experience by providing moments of respite within the built environment. Immense care was taken to ensure that pedestrian and vehicular movement was segregated thus allowing seamless movement through both mediums.