Area : 5,00,000 Sq. Ft.
Location : Calicut, India
Status : Ongoing
Project team : Srujan Kumar, Prasanna Chafekar, Dinesh Perumal, Vinod Swamy

Sited on a mountainside and spreading across 15 acres, this standalone 400 bed Cancer Center also includes a palliative care facility, housing for doctors, nurses and relatives, a community center and landscaped interactive spaces. Recognizing that the battle against Cancer is also fought in the patients mind, we set out to create spaces that are life affirming and positive, the design works with ancient allies like the wind and the sun, the calming properties of greenery and water to create a healing environment. The program separates the various functions into distinct built forms, thus creating in between courtyard like landscaped spaces which allows linkages and spillover from either side. Bridges across and through the courtyard link the built spaces and provide a constant connect to the outside.