Area : 1,80,000 Sq. Ft.
Location : Sharjah, UAE
Status : Completed
Project team : Srujan Kumar, Sneha Kuriyan, Vyas Kalathil

A luxury hospital at Sharjah based on the idea that it is not just the patients but also staff members, caregivers and families seek to escape the stress of medical surroundings.

The design responds to the idea that exceptional design of healthcare interiors, can aid the healing process, improve staff efficiency, and enable the overall delivery of quality care.

Located on a prominent site in the heart of Sharjah, the building carves a distinct contemporary identity for the Hospital with its massing and use of patterns and textures. Large glazed panels at the street level invite the visitor inside, while a glowing laser cut screen floats high above the entry and flows into the lobby where it turns down to form a glittering backdrop to this exclusive Hospital.

The Interior design of such a facility needs to reflect this exclusivity. The need was creating a rich, luxurious space, where patients feel pampered and cared for, without falling into the trap of opulent, overtly hotel-like surroundings which detract from the gravity and intent of a world class hospital. Use of sky-lit courtyards and double height volumes resulted in well lit spaces, giving us the opportunity to move away from the standard blended pastel shades to a darker, more articulated palette with the use of darker woods, visually textured surfaces, natural looking materials and lots of greenery.

Introducing a laser cut antique silver screen with an intricate abstract pattern across the skylights which casts shadows down into the courtyard spaces and along the tall walls allowing us to tame and capture the desert sun with its varying moods. .